Saturday, April 7, 2012


Stan Hywet Hall was the site of our Easter Egg Hunt this morning with Kelli, Dawson, Jordan, and Bella.  Walking around the grounds before and after the hunt, it was fun to imagine being the family that lived in this manor house.  There are some amazing gardens and views of the valley from different areas of the property.

But the main reason we went was for the big event - the egg hunt!  They divide the children into three different age groups with eggs scattered throughout the lawn in distinct sections.
Mother Goose and fairy tale characters like Little Bo Peep and Red Riding Hood kept the children occupied while they waited for their age group to be called.
Then they count down, blow the whistle, and it is a frenzy of little bodies running out to collect treasure-filled eggs.  Grace and Dawson must have talked about strategy beforehand because they ran past dozens of eggs and went right to the center of the field!  I loved watching them run and laugh so I didn't get any good photos of the actual hunt.
After their hunts, the three girls sat together on the bench to open there eggs and discover the tiny treasures inside.  Grace got stickers, stamps, rings, coins, and other little trinkets that she loved.  It is funny how these little dime-store items are such a big hit when they are inside an egg!
Before going out for lunch we waited to take a family photo with the E.B.
Maybe he will remember to come to our house tonight and bring some surprises for a good little girl who rarely asks for anything.


Phyllis said...

You look so pretty in your Pink Jacket. It appears that you had a lot of fun searching for the Easter Eggs. I hope that you, Mommy and Daddy, have a wonderful Easter...Next thing you know, you will be with Nana at Disney Land

cathybcareers said...

Looks like a fun family day! I love the family photo with the Easter Bunny.

Kellie said...

The girls made me laugh when they ran out to the middle of the field and didn't get any eggs. They were just running, smiling and laughing!