Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lighting up the night

We were thrilled to see Disney's electrical parade ONCE while we were there.  We never expected to see it TWICE, but that is exactly what happened.
The 9:00 show went just as we had planned.  We found a great spot along the parade route in Frontierland where we met Billy, a Disney employee who normally drives one of the floats in the parade. It was his night off and he was there watching the show with a date.  So we knew we were in a great spot to see it up close.
My favorite float was this dragon that had smoke coming out of its nose.  But, they all were pretty amazing.  I really have never seen anything like this before.  It was so well done - definitely an example of "Disney magic"!
The second time we saw the electric parade was by accident.  We were heading back to the hotel a little before 11:00 when Grace said she was hungry. We thought we were going to find a place for a snack but when we came around the castle and headed toward Main Street there was the parade starting for a second time that night!  We ended up getting another spot right up front to see the spectacle another time.  None of us minded.  But it did mean we didn't get back to the hotel until around 12:30 - after a snack, of course!
Playing with my camera settings to get some different effects.


Kellie said...

The electric parade has always been my favorite thing! Wonderful night pictures!

cathybcareers said...

Wow! I just deleted all my shots of the parade. Great photography and, of course, another great memory (two of them)We should have had that cinannom bun (largest one I ever saw)..LOL

Phyllis said...

Love the Electric Parade