Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A pumpkin and a poem

In between appointments on Monday, Grace posed for these two photos.  She chose this fall/Halloween outfit especially to go with her new black boots!
For a kid who struggled with fine motor skills, Grace is suddenly SO interested in writing, coloring, and cutting.  She is also making connections between sounds and letters and is trying to read and write alone.  Today, as soon as we got home. she took out a small lined notebook and a pencil and wrote this poem:
 According to Grace it says:
Doggie, doggie 
In the park
Doggie, doggie
Can you bark?

I love that she is rhyming words and trying her best to write the way they sound.  Kindergarten only started 6 weeks ago, but Grace has grown so much in that short time.


cathybcareers said...

Great poem Grace.
Ba has been saying it to Nana all night. Every time it makes me smile.

Phyllis said...

You did a wonderful job with your poem...Aunt Phyl just read it to Uncle Mickey, and he said "Now Grace is doing poetry?"