Saturday, October 20, 2012

I come to suck your blood

And now the big reveal....
Grace wanted to be a vampire this year for Halloween.  I thought that was a little too "grown up" until I found this beautiful costume at Pottery Barn Kids.  We bought theatrical stage makeup and blood capsules, but when it came time to get dressed up for the first time, Grace decided she didn't want any makeup.  I was fine with that - a 5-year old doesn't need makeup, if you ask me - but we did agree that one small blood drop tattoo on the side of her mouth would be okay.  

So here she is - my beautiful vampire girl - off to her first Halloween party at her friend's house. 


cathybcareers said...

Grace and Mama; Nana loves this friendly, happy Vampire.
Have fun!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl loves her, too...Vampires shouldn't be that pretty.