Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween festivities start next Friday night for us with our annual visit to Boo at the Zoo.  Grace was also invited to a costume party next Saturday.  And the following weekend we have two days of trick-or-treating.  So, as the October days progress, the leaves start falling, and the temperatures get chilly, the Halloween excitement is building at our house.

We made these a few times already....but, we added ketchup BLOOD!
And we made these cute ghosts with Grace's feet!  We made three of them but they turned out so cute that I wish we made more.  Some lucky family members will probably receive the in the mail!  (Oh, and Grace's feet are not THAT big.  Her feet slid a little from the paint so they turned out bigger than her feet actually are!)
We liked this project so much, tomorrow we are going to try a variation of the one below with leaves from a morning nature walk.  Some other lucky family members and friends might get this one if they turn out nice!
Since our first costume events are quickly approaching, we did a "dress rehearsal"just to make sure we have what we will need - tights, shirts, makeup, hair accessories.  Here is a sneak peek!  
Any guesses?


cathybcareers said...

Ba guessed Spiderman?
Nana knows that it is!! But it's a secret.

Phyllis said...

WOW...Love your projects and I hope I am one of the lucky ones to receive one! Your Mom has such great wonder she is my favorite niece. I think that Ba is right, sure looks like spiderman to me.