Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reindeer games

Every year for the 9 years I was a high school administrator I was overwhelmed when I stepped out on the EJ Thomas stage at graduation and looked out into the audience of thousands of people.  I never got used to it.  I wonder if that is how Grace felt when she entered the high school auditorium for her first school holiday show.  It certainly looks like she and her friends are gazing up into the balcony in this photo.
The auditorium was packed with standing room only for the 350 elementary performers.  Each grade prepared two holiday songs.  Personally, I thought the kindergarteners and the second graders did the best.  Maybe it was because their songs were upbeat, familiar, and chosen well for their ages.  Grace's grade sang "O Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bells" and they had hand movements to go with the words.  Cute!

Kyle's parents came with us for the show.  Grace was thrilled to have them there.  I think it was special for them, too, because Grace's school now is the one Kyle went to as a kid.  Funny how things come full circle....
It was another exciting, busy night for my little girl.  She is such a tough kid when it comes to anything that is new and action-packed.  This is what she looked like before we left, but she fell asleep in the car coming home and it is only a five minute drive!
Don't you love her reindeer dress?  It reminds me of Rudolph's girlfriend, Clarice.


cathybcareers said...

Grace looks excited at home and I do agree amazed looking around on the stage. Great Kyle's parents went. Kids love the grandparents praise. Grace is getting so Big way to fast now..LOL

Phyllis said...

I love your "sassy" pose...You look so proud of yourself! Wish I could have been there to hear the songs. Maybe you will sing them for me when you come???