Sunday, December 30, 2012

The last week of 2012

The last week of 2012 was a busy one in Florida.  As soon as we arrived on Christmas Day we headed directly to the pool because that was all Grace talked about on the flight down. The pool and Aunt Phyllis.  Just like when I was as a kid, Grace is in love with Aunt Phyllis because she has this way of making you feel like you are the most special person in the room when you are with her.
Grace was the perfect little helper in her apron cleaing up after dinner and when it was time to hand out Christmas presents to everyone.  She loved hangng out with her Godparents, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris, too, who were full of hugs and kisses for her!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris planned an awesome day with Grace!  They picked her up in the morning for an adventure to lunch, the movies for Wreck it Ralph, and to see their dog, Bella.  Gace told me that Bella jumped on her and kissed her face.  She said, "Mom, Bella must really love me!"
Grace waiting for Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris.
She was so excited she even got her car seat and put it by the door. 
Nana had tons of activities planned for the week, too!  We were busy every minute!  The following day included a trip to the strawberry patch with Aunt Phyllis and Nana.  These strawberries grew up on vines instead of along the ground.  They brought home a basket to share and the red, ripe strawberries didn't last long!

Other days were full of hanging out, opening more presents, cooking together, dancing, playing board games, swimming the the pool and ocean, building sandcastles, a ride on the Diva Duck (an amphibious vehicle that went on the land and water) and Segway riding for Nana and Mommy!

All of the pictures in this post were from Nana's camera.  I had my big camera with me, but for some reason I had little desire to take it out this week.  Sometimes I spend too much time behind the camera and not enough time just enjoying what is happening.  My favorite photo fom the week is this last one of Grace and Ba's hands together.  Love!
After all that fun, Grace didn't want to leave Nana and Ba.  She was so sad when she realized our vacation was coming to an end.  But, we know we will see them again very soon.

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Phyllis said...

Grace, Aunt Phyllis was sooooo very happy to have some time with you. You are so special, just like your Mommy. I am sad that you are gone, but I will keep looking at our pictures together and that will keep you close to me.