Saturday, December 22, 2012

The snow came, so guess who wasn't far behind?

We had a big snowstorm last night which was perfect for Santa to land his sleigh on our back deck.  We lit the tree, put out some cookies and milk, and I got to play with my camera in manual mode for a little while.
Then Santa came and left presents for Grace under the tree!  Since we are going to Florida in a few days, I wanted to celebrate Christmas early so Grace would have time to enjoy her new toys. 

This morning she was greeted by a Barbie cruise ship, a Polly Pockets airplane, a card-making craft kit, a block building game, a new keyboard stand, some books, and this giant, cuddly dog.  We are all a little perplexed by the Crayola Light Designer.  In theory it is a cool concept, but neither of the two who can read want to decipher the directions!
When Nana asked her what her favorite gift is, she listed each thing one by one.  I am glad she is happy.  Grace is an awesome kid and she really deserves everything she gets.  


cathybcareers said...

It's true Grace is a awesome kid I love that dog! Looks some cozy

Kellie said...

Merry Christmas Grace! What great gifts you had under your tree! When mommy figures out the light designer, I will send Dawson over. Looks fun!!!

Phyllis said...

My oh my...someone must have been a really good girl this year to get all those fine presents. Wish that you could bring that cuddly dog to Florida so I could hug it. Makes a great sleeping buddy for sure! Can't wait to see you..Santa left some presents here in Florida for you, too.