Monday, May 27, 2013

I think I'd better buy a kayak

....if I want to keep up with these two!
Kyle bought Grace a kayak for her birthday.  This weekend she tried it out for the first time and did a great job!

When she was smaller, Kyle was able to take her in his kayak so she has been out on the lake and understands the concept of keeping yourself balanced and how to paddle.  But being out there on her own has to feel very empowering for her.  The back of this kayak has an area to climb on if you fall in and we showed her how to do that, if it became necessary.  But the only thing that got wet today were her feet and that was just from getting into and out of the lake!
Daisy and I stayed on the shore.  I was taking pictures and Daisy kept running back and forth along the rocks.  (Those of you who remember Summer, know she wouldn't have hesitated to follow the boats out to the middle!)  But we both wanted to be out there, so I think I will be buying my own kayak before long.  I think mine should be hot pink, bright green, or orange!

Grace and Kyle paddled around the entire lake.  At some point when they were on the opposite end, he tied a rope to hers and the next thing I knew, the princess was relaxing as she got a ride back to shore.


Phyllis said...

Grace, I think you are so daring! Tell Mommy that she has to get a hot pink Kayak so that she could join you two on the lake. Maybe Daisy could even get one, but who would paddle for her?

cathybcareers said...

Grace looked like a Pro in the first photos. Super Birthday gift.
Summer begins!