Sunday, May 19, 2013

Party like a Rock Star

For Grace's 6th birthday party we planned a "girl rock star" event at a dance studio for Grace and her friends. The invitation looked like this....
...and the party theme colors included hot pink, purple, and black with various animal prints, boas, bright hair extensions, inflatable microphones, and rock star diva stickers and tattoos.
I found these microphone cupcakes on (where else?) Pinterest and copied them for our party.
You use mini ice cream cones and donut holes for the tiny microphones on top of the cupcakes!  Grace and I had to hunt for the mini ice cream cones and ended up finding them at Wal-Mart.
Here are how ours turned out!  Grace thought they were really cool and kept telling me this morning that I was doing a good job to make her birthday party special.
When we arrived at the dance studio about 30 minutes before our guests, this is what it looked like.

They used some things I bought and combined them with props and items in their collection to make it look colorful and inviting for the girls.  There were three teachers present to run the party and keep the girls moving from one activity to the next. They started with coloring pages on the floor as each girl was invited to have her hair and makeup done.  Some chose both, some chose hair OR makeup, and a couple didn't want either.  The teachers did a wonderful job of making every girl feel special and not pressuring them to do anything they didn't want to do.
You KNOW Grace chose to go "all in" and had purple streaks put in her hair and makeup on her eyes and cheeks.  So she ended up looking like this!

She also received a couple of makeup and lip gloss kits as presents.  They were the first thing she opened when we got home.  No question....Grace needs a bath tonight.  And, so do her dolls who got a makeover this evening!
If they wanted them, the girls put on purple tank tops to dress like a girl rock band and then posed for this photo.  The lead teacher printed each photo so the girls left with it in a frame they decorated as one of the activities.  It was nice that they had these to take home.  Grace's is hanging on our refrigerator now.
That is a lot already but the dance lesson came next.  The teachers showed several steps, they practiced them without music, and then added the music and rock star attitude.  Everyone put their own style on the dance, which was so cute to watch.

We lit the candles, turned out the lights, and sang "Happy Birthday" to my big girl.  She was very gracious when opening presents and thanked each friend.  She received some great gifts - a lot of crafts, some Barbies, a Monster High doll, games, a diary with a lock, and much more.  When we got home she spread them out in the great room and when I asked her what her favorite was she said, "I got so much.  I love it all!"

The final act was a superstar, red carpet strut to show off their hot pink boas.  These young ladies certainly rocked it!
Grace told me tonight that this was the "best party ever"!  It really fit who she is today - just perfect!


cathybcareers said...

You are right Lynn. Music, friends and dress up. Exactly who Grace is now. What fun. Ba looking at all on his ipad over and over!

Phyllis said...

What a fun party, and with so much going on! Your friends will be talking about this forever, I am sure. I hope you gave Mommy lots of hugs and kisses for thankyou.