Friday, May 17, 2013

This is what six looks like

Okay, technically, Grace won't be six until next Thursday.  But since we are just days away from May 23rd and the weather was beautiful tonight, we went to a nearby park for a "photo shoot".  I am always happy to play with my camera and tonight I had a somewhat willing subject.

The park has a pretty big lake, docks, playgrounds, and walking trails.  We stayed mainly by the lake because I knew the type of photos I was hoping to capture.
There are many canoes and row boats stored here waiting for their owners to come for a ride.  Tonight they served as colorful props and a makeshift jungle gym for our photos.

The field was full of dandelions and Grace loved picking them and blowing.  Maybe she is getting ready for her birthday candles!

Even though she looks so big in some of these photos that I can see her high school "senior photo shoot" looking very similar, Grace is still just six and playing was more important for part of the time we were in the park.

And, I got a little bit of attitude, uh, personality.

And so did the geese!
Overall, my big kid was very cooperative and patient.  I am thrilled with how our photos turned out.


Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl thinks that you were a wonderful model for Mommy! I can't pick my favorite picture because that are all my favorite since you are in every one of them! Love your outfit. I think you will have a grand 6th birthday party, and I can't wait to see what pictures Mommy will post. Have a good time,Grace. Love You lots

cathybcareers said...

Happy Coming Soon 6th Birthday.
Have fun with the girls tomorrow and call Nana and Ba to tell us all about the party.