Friday, May 24, 2013

Interview with a six year old

I try to interview Grace from time to time to record some of the things that are important to her at different ages.  Here is what she told me last night.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A rock star.
A rock star?  Why?
Because you can sing and dance and take pictures like Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber?  You know Justin Bieber?
Yeah, mom.  I know Katy Perry, too.  And Taylor Swift.

Who is your favorite friend at Fishcreek and at Kindercare.
Carson at Fishcreek and Noah Young at Kindercare.  
They are both boys.
I don't care.  They're cool.  Can they come to our house for a playdate?

What do you like about school?
I like to learn math?
Why do you like math?
I don't know, but I am good at it. 

What else are you good at?
Hmmmm.....maybe....doing cartwheels?  and riding my bike.
Riding your bike.  Didn't you just crash the other day?
Yeah.  That was bad.  I was going fast. 
What are you not so good at that you want to do better?
Putting my toys away?  But I don't really care about that.  You do.

What rule of our house is a good one?
What do you mean?
You know.  What rule do we have that is good?  That you like.
Stop, drop, and roll.
Ha!  Yeah, that is a good one to have.

If you were president, what rule would you make for everyone?
Don't pee in your pants.


cathybcareers said...

Good rule for being President. Funny answers to fun questions. Ba likes the boys coming over for a playdate. Love the crown!

Phyllis said...

Nana would like that rule! I think you should add "don't poop in your pants" too....what do you think? I like that you like math. It was one of my favorite subjects in school.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog...again. I must have found it on the boards when we were waiting for our last two daughters from Guatemala. I just spent time looking at it, as I forgot or didn't know you were from the Kent State area, and I enjoyed searching for familiar sites. Our 3rd daughter spent 5yrs in the area, after being recruited to play basketball at Kent State. That didn't pan out as promised, but God used it and OH in her life. We visited her there a few times, and understood why she loved OH and it's parks and people. We hiked in some of the same places as your photos, and I'm pretty sure we were at the "red playground" with our youger kids. I never did figure out when we were in Stow or Hudson or still in Kent. We toured the Stan Hywet (sp?) house with my friend from Akron when there was a tree house exhibit on the grounds. Great photo opp, as I also love my camera! Our daughter got her masters at Kent, taught special ed in two Ravenna elem schools, then returned to the Midwest to teach and be near all of us. OH holds a special place in her heart and ours.

Your daughter is beautiful! We have 8 kids, five are adopted, the four left at home all from Guatemala as older kids, all in high school now, or just finished, as our son graduated last week.

Nancy in the Midwest