Sunday, April 12, 2015

End of cabin fever

The sun came out, the sky is blue, and the air feels warm.  We did what a lot of other people decided to do today - take a walk at Brandywine Falls.

Carved by Brandywine Creek the 65-foot falls cover layers of sandstone and shale rock, some of which date back 350-400 million years.  Early settlers in this area recognized the falls for its beauty as well as for the power it generated.  In 1814 a saw mill was built on top of the falls.  Other mills soon followed and the Village of Brandywine became one of the earliest  communities in the Cuyahoga Valley.

You reach the falls through a series of boardwalks and steps to the viewing area.  Other trails wind along the river.

There was a lot of water flowing from melting snow and the recent rain we have had so far this month.  We walked among the rocks and looked for fish, turtles, and frogs.

Daisy is the only one who got her feet wet.  She really would have liked to jump in for a swim!


Nana said...

Great photos! Happy Spring has arrived in Ohio! I love that Daisy got to go on the walk too! Need more photos of the lady taking the photos!!

Phyllis said...

A nice Fun day in Ohio...Happy to see that Daisy got out for the day. Buddy must have been jealous that everyone was gone!