Sunday, April 5, 2015

The annual Easter egg dash

For the last several years we have been meeting Kellie and Dawson at Stan Hywett for their Easter egg hunt.  Before writing this post, I looked back at the photos of the last few years.  Here are some photo memories from:

2012 (4 years old)

 2013 (5 years old)

2014 (6 years old)

It's fun to look back at how cute and little they were and how they have grown and changed each year.  

2015 (7 years old)

As usual, it was a chilly day.  I keep saying we need to move somewhere where the flowers are blooming and the girls really can wear cute Easter dresses for their egg hunt.  Yesterday we needed winter coats, hats, and gloves.  But it was sunny, so I really shouldn't complain!

We walked around the Stan Hywett grounds while we waited for the 7-9 year olds to have their turn for the Easter egg hunt. Grace and Dawson looked for turtles in the ponds.

Kyle tried to teach them how to whistle using the top of an acorn.  He told them he learned to do this from an after-school television program when he was a kid and it took a lot of practice before it worked.

When it was time for their Easter egg hunt the girls decided on their strategy to collect a lot of eggs. Calling this a "hunt" is a misnomer.  The eggs are scattered all over the grass and the kids dash after them.   Hundreds of eggs are gone within a frenzied few minutes.  When they blew the whistle this is what it looked like when dozens of children swarmed the grass.

There were plenty of eggs for everyone.  They asked the children to take 15 eggs each but after they did that there were still tons left on the grass so they were allowed to go get more...and the second "dash" began.

Grace and Dawson seemed to enjoy themselves.  They sat on a bench in the sun to open their eggs and examine the trinkets.  For two little girls who have a lot, they still get excited about the surprises inside Easter eggs.

I truly love those smiles!

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Nana said...

Thanks for sharing this special Easter Hunt! The girls are really growing fast now. Tomorrow is the Easter Egg Hunt at Segate and the weather will be 80's. The kids wear everything from Easter Dress Up to Bathing Suits. Happy Easter to all of you!