Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cutest kid in the class

Grace's preschool SPRING pictures arrived yesterday. Do you have a favorite?

I always love the class picture. They are ALL so little and cute!

  According to Grace, these are the people in this photo:
Back left to right: Anthony, Miss Linda, Trey, Miss Pamela, Nathan J.
Middle left to right: Elyse, Grace, Avalynn, Grace Z., Hannah, Ella
Front left to right: Nathan Z., Noah, Frederick, Nick, Josh, Daniel


Phyllis said...

My Favorite is the fence photo...Maybe because you look more relaxed by the fence, like you are waiting for Daisy to come play.

cb said...

Grace, You are getting so big, way too fast for Nana and Ba. Miss you girls alot. Need to do a visit soon. I like the fence photo best, too.

Kellie said...

My vote is for the fence one. I think she looks the most like the real GRACE!