Sunday, February 20, 2011

A whole world on our window

It may not look like much more than scribbles, but Grace created her own world with roads, rivers, friends from school, Daisy, boats, a pool, and the Statue of Liberty when she drew all over our windows and sliding doors this evening.

Crayola makes these awesome window crayons (probably for store owners to advertise in their windows) which are perfect to get a little bit of writing and drawing practice. I think she was stunned that I actually allowed her to make a mess on the windows. Every time I asked her if she was done, she got re-energized and move to the next free space!


aamayna said...

Love the last picture!! That window is perfect for window markers!! Love it!! Here is one thing I learned (not sure if you have had to clean them off yet?). You actually have to windex it twice. It kind of leaves a residue, but overall really easy to wipe off. We kept it on from early Dec - last week without wiping it off and it still came off very easily (mayna wouldn't let me take the art down :)

cb said...

Nana loves the posing. The photo with the reflection is really great. Ba was laughing at the good posing Grace was doing. Window art is fun..We have lots of windows in Florida..bring the markers.

Phyllis said...

Just think of all the decorating you can do: Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. etc. etc.. What fun!