Monday, February 21, 2011

What is a president?

Miss Linda: What is a president?
Grace: Something you get wrapped in a box for your birthday. You take off the paper and play with the toy inside.
I guess we'd better work on that! Grace's teacher wanted her to volunteer more often during circle time. She certainly did that today!


cb said...

So funny, Nana needed to laugh this morning. Stinky day yesterday.

We are getting alot of those teeth smiles. Love them.

Maybe you need circle time subjects that they having coming up in the next few weeks at school ..and teach her the answers (cheat)..LOL

Phyllis said...

Tell Nana "NO CHEATING", besides which, I think your answer is the best!

Kellie said...

Loving the innocent answers! Must be thinking about opening her birthday presents!