Saturday, February 12, 2011

I believe in fairies

Grace spent the morning sitting in the sunshine watching "The Great Fairy Rescue", her Valentine's Day present. What a cute movie and a great introduction to Tinkerbell.
This afternoon we are headed to a school play about Peter Pan and Wendy. The drama teacher told me that Tinkerbell is just a light in the play, but I think Grace is going to enjoy it anyway. We are getting ready for our spring trip to Disney World where we have plans to go on a pirate voyage with Captain Hook. So my hope is that by May she knows the characters and the story so it all makes sense to her. I think today is a good start!
Oh, and check out this family picture she drew last night. So funny!


The Riggs Family said...

Jealous of your Disney trip. And don't you just love those people they draw?

Phyllis said...

Now who has the big mouth????

cb said...

Grace you look way to comfortable in those Big Girl school halls. I love your vest.