Monday, February 14, 2011

It's an explosion of color!

Tonight after dinner, we re-created an experiment Grace did with her preschool class. You use whole milk and food coloring and then add a drop of dish detergent on the end of a cotton swab. I wasn't prepared for what was a pretty cool swirling explosion of color on the plate!

Grace's dirty after-dinner face!

The simple explanation is that the dish detergent breaks up the fat and protein molecules in the milk causing them to roll, twist, and contort in all directions. The food coloring allows us to see this happen. And it certainly makes an interesting show!


cb said...

Grace when takes you to Paris we will visit all the museums and you will see that "your art" looks just like, I think, Van Gogh.

Phyllis said...

That art is so amazing...I must try it myself. I think, even I could do beautiful pictures like you made.