Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boot Scoot bike

For some reason, Grace has been reluctant to try the really cool Schwinn bike Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris bought her for her birthday last year. We can't figure it out, but it seems like she is having trouble with the pedals. Kyle thinks it might be because it is her first experience with a bike with brakes since the pedals on her tricycle turn both ways. So a couple of weeks ago when I saw the Boot Scoot bike on an online shopping site, I decided to get one for her. These types of "coasting" or "running" bikes don't have pedals. People who have used them say kids learn to balance on a 2-wheel bike much faster without training wheels and then jump to a "normal" bike much faster. My hope is that she will learn to balance on this bike and then we will take the training wheels off her Schwinn and she will be pedaling along by the end of the summer!
It arrived last night and, as you can see from the photos, Grace liked it right away. She jumped on and after a little demonstration of what to do, she was able to scoot along the sidewalk in Kyle's neighborhood.She balanced a little - for a second here and there - but is nowhere near coasting. For her first time, I think she did great! And she was very proud to tell the 9-year old boys playing next door that it was her new blue bike (she chose the color) that has no pedals!

Look, Ma! No feet!
Grace enjoyed it so much, right after dinner we went back out to ride again. First, Kyle showed her how to put air in the tires. And then she did 4 loops of the block. With us watching from behind and eventually from the driveway when Miss Independence wanted to try it alone.


cathybcareers said...

Good job Grace. Nana and Ba love you "New Blue Bike" before you know it Mama will be giving it away to someone else who needs to learn to balance. Have fun; wear long pants until you get it.

Phyllis said...

Grace, you will be "coasting" very soon, I can tell! Then it will be time for you to have a pictured taken for Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris when you ride their Shwinn big girl bike.

Kellie said...

What a beautiful blue bike! You will be lifting those feet in no time at all!