Monday, April 11, 2011

Just perfect

The weather on Sunday was perfect. People were out everywhere working in their yards, biking, running on the trails, walking dogs, playing in the park, and eating on the restaurant patios that have been neglected all winter. As Kyle said, "This is the weather we have been waiting for since November!"Open windows and a visit to the park were part of our Sunday afternoon.


cb said...

Grace; It looks like the weather has changed in your city. Today in my city; everyone, even Nana, was walking in the park. I saw the red tailored hawks and alot of blossoms. I love your pony shirt and I see yor hair is growing out.

Phyllis said...

How nice to have outdoor fun weather. I'll bet that you and Mommy and Kyle really enjoyed being outdoors. What about Daisy? Did she have fun?