Sunday, April 17, 2011

Colored eggs, three ways

This year, we tried some new ways to decorate our Easter eggs. One of them was an idea I saw in a magazine to use crayons on warm hard-boiled eggs. Since the eggs are warm the crayons melt and create really bight, colorful designs. The trick was holding the eggs since they were pretty hot. Wearing mittens seemed to be the best solution!Then I used a kitchen grater to "shave" some crayons and we sprinkled this on the warm eggs. The effect was pretty different!By the time we were done with our crayon eggs the others had cooled so we tried some Q-Tips that had egg dye in them. You break one end and watch the color fill the other end of the cotton swab. Then you paint with them like with a paint brush. I was surprised at how well this worked with minimal mess.And, then we made the traditional dye-vinegar mixture and dunked our eggs to get a variety of rainbow colors. Grace made funny faces when we were adding the vinegar. I guess she didn't like the smell! There were a lot of giggles and messy hands, but we had a lot of fun!I guess I am going to be eating a lot of eggs this week. Good thing I like them!


cathybcareers said...

Nana wants to dye eggs too! I might have to go to "My Park" they have crafts for all ages next Saturday. I fit into that category. The Eggs are pretty and so different. Grace looks so proud. Where is Mama? Waiting for April pictures of her!
Happy Palm Sunday.

Phyllis said...

Now that looked like a lot of fun...Tell Mommy I will help her eat some eggs. I love them, too. But your's look too pretty to break.