Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roller girl

Kyle's parents bought beginner roller skates for Grace for Christmas. This weekend she got the chance to try them outside for the first time. They are designed to fit over her shoes and have different "levels" to go from walking to sliding forward only and then, finally, the wheels can go forward and backward. We had her in the second level but she didn't get the idea of sliding her foot instead of walking. We'll get there. She seemed to have fun so I think she will want to try it again soon.


cb said...

So funny! Nana remembers that Village. Mama has pictures of you when we went there and you where learning to walk. It was a fun day watching you see your shadow for the first time. Those skates are really pretty. Love the helmet.

Phyllis said...

Grace, before you know it, Mommy will be running to catch up to you on those pretty skates...Have fun, and be careful. Little girls get lots of elbow and knee scrapes when they learn how to skate.

Kellie said...

You look great Grace! Before long you will be skating right down the road!