Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-kindergarten elves

For the annual holiday show at Grace's school, her pre-kindergarten class recited a poem about Santa's elves who were overworked and ready for a beach vacation.  Grace was a little "out of it" because she wasn't feeling well, but she rallied for her solo part when she told the elves, "Everyone get back to work!"  

Some of the pre-K elves waiting their turn and watching the other classes. 
 Getting ready to perform.
They put their elf hats on by themselves...can you tell?
 My sick little elf.  
Grace's teacher told me that she didn't seem like herself this morning so she took her temperature.  I agreed and decided to take her home to rest.  But on the way home I got called with a crisis at work so Grace went with me.  She was very patient while I talked to students and parents about a fight.  But at one point she said, "Mommy, are you still thinking about taking me to the doctor?"  When I said I was thinking about it she pointed out that we have a doctor here.  I told her that was the school nurse and she said, "Well, maybe I can go see her and she can make me feel better."  Poor baby. But she did. Grace left my office, walked through the main office, a back office, and into the clinic on her own.  When I found her a few minutes later she was talking to the nurse about her runny nose and that her whole body hurts.  We went home to rest after that!


Phyllis said...

What a smart little girl you are. Now, you have to get better so that you can fly on an airplane to come see Nana and Ba, and Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Mickey. Not to forget: Uncle Chris and Aunt Nancy. Santa will be coming to Florida to leave some presents for you, so do whatever Mommy says, and get better.

cathybcareers said...

Good job Grace with you solo and talking to the Nurse. Nana is going to look today for cough medicine on lollipops. Do you think that has be invented yet?

Kellie said...

Grace is by far the cutest elf!