Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shaving cream snowman

One of the advantages of working in a preK-1 building is that I get to see a lot of the projects the teachers work on with their students. This week, I walked in on a class making snowmen from shaving cream mixed with glue.  It was just the messy kind of fun we needed this week!  The teacher was so sweet and provided me with all the "fixings" so with the shaving cream and glue we had in the house, we were all set for this fun project!
First get your shaving cream and glue.
Mix it up for a few minutes. 
Spread the mixture with a spoon or your fingers and add 
accessories and glitter to make your snowman shine.
Soon you wil have a finished snowman.


Kellie said...

Adorable! Might have to try this on a snowy January day!

Phyllis said...

Great Snowman, Grace. He wouldn't melt in Florida!

cathybcareers said...

Mama finds all kinds of fun ideas!
Nana is looking for things to do when you get here in 4 days. Maybe go to Shark feeding in Delray.