Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy with bugs

We opened our second Kiwi Crate yesterday (a birthday gift from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris) and the theme was "Busy with Bugs". Inside we found two fun activities about insects.  We chose to do the bug paintings and leave the glowing firefly on a zipline (How cool does that sound?) for another day.
Before painting, Grace and I looked at the enclosed cards that had illustrations of common insects like bees, ladybugs, caterpillars, and butterflies with interesting facts about each one.  Most important was how many segments and legs each had in their body and special color markings that helped us make our sponge painting creations.
Grace liked how the flat boards turned into sponges
when we dropped them in water.  Then we looked at
each shape to decide how we could use it as part of insect art.
The kit came with red, yellow, blue, and black paint so we mixed those colors to create more variety and ended up with green, purple, and orange to go along with the original four.  Then Grace decided on a plan and set out to work.   Shhh....don't tell Aunt Nancy but this is going to become her birthday card!

They give you plenty of supplies to make three pieces of art, but Grace got even more creative and painted her car!
The funny thing is that she asked first and made sure that if she painted it we would be able to wash the paint off to make the car red again. I think it is great that she wanted to experiment to see what would happen!


cathybcareers said...

I am excited two blogs in one day.
Funny, I was in the art store today looking at all those tools and wondering what creations children make. Our art store has a class once a week for children too!
What a good surprise for Aunt Nancy.

Phyllis said...

Why wash the car? I think it looks great with purple paint over the red! How creative you are. P.S. I won't say a word to Aunt Nancy.

Nancy Marino said...

I LOVE my birthday card Grace. It was the
best one that I received this year because you made it!! Thank you for making my birthday special. We love you! Aunt Nancy & Uncle Chris