Thursday, July 19, 2012

NYC Horses

Grace still has a love affair with horses every time she sees one.  Not being a "horse person" myself, I haven't pursued lessons, although I don't mind exposing her to the experience of riding when there is an opportunity. Our New York horse experiences were both traditional and unexpected.

On our first day after seeing the movie Brave, Grace didn't want to go back to Nana and Ba's "hotel" so we stayed on the bus and went to Times Square where we saw some of New York's Finest mounted police.
As usual for our visits to the Big Apple, we walk near and in Central Park so that means we see the horse and carriage rides lined up along Central Park South.  

Every time we walk by Grace goes up to each horse and says "Hello" (this time she was saying, "Hello, Mate!").  She took several photos of her favorite ones, too!
Sometimes I think Grace is a horse whisperer.
She and Sophia looked right at each other and then
they both started stomping their feet!

Another traditional "horse" experience took place at Le Carousel in Bryant Park.  It was a small but beautiful carousel and a great way to get out of the heat and direct sun while we were waiting for the Broadway shows to begin.  Grace is never one to turn down a ride on the merry-go-round!

Right after this ride, we returned to our picnic area near the stage.  And a few minutes later.....
Joey came out!  Joey is one of the horses from the War Horse musical at Lincoln Center.  It is a life-size puppet that three men operate.  Two are inside and one walks along as the handler and maneuvers its head.  It was the most interesting and unique thing I have seen in a very long time.  Grace was fascinated because it looked like a horse walking and galloping in the park.  She and my mother followed Joey so she could get a better look and when she came back she explained to me that it is a puppet with people inside.  


cathybcareers said...

Grace even has a language (all her own) that she uses to talk to the horses.

Phyllis said...

Grace, when Uncle Bobby was very young, he would work in the stables on Staten Island, and walk the horses. Nanny Vee, who you did not get to meet, would go to horse ranches for her vacations. She loved horses. She even had special pants called Jodfhurs for riding them. I am sure that you love them just as much as she did.
Horses are very gentle special creatures.