Sunday, July 15, 2012

If I can make it here....

Ahhh, New York, New York.  It is home for me even though I haven't lived there in years.  going back is always a homecoming.  There is nothing better than seeing my parents.  But, I also get to share my favorite parts of New York with Grace.   It is incredible to experience the mundane - taxi rides, the bus, and street fairs, and the new - Broadway in Bryant Park and Eloise at the Plaza - with my special girl.  I know she is falling in love with the Big Apple.  She looked out the window of the plane and said "Goodbye New York.  We'll be back soon" and the first thing she told Kyle in the car was "I love New York".  Nana would be happy.
The view from my parents' building. 
For her 5th birthday Grace asked my parents to get her a camera. You would think she is a little young for a "real" camera but she really does a great job with her photos.  So, for this post, I thought I would use some of Grace's best shots to show New York through her eyes.  

Everything from this point forward is from Grace's camera!

Nana kept telling Grace to look up.  So she has a lot of
photos of the tall NYC skyscrapers!
The Empire State Building taken from Bryant Park.
Grace is like the Horse Whisperer.
She LOVES the horse and carriage ride and
talked to all the horses along Central Park South.
Grace loves looking at the street fair booths. 
Do you know who lives at the Plaza?  Eloise!
We went to see her "apartment".
(This was taken from the moving horse and carriage!)
Sophia the horse who took us on a ride.
Notice Ba in the background.
Nana and Ba.  They are laughing because
Grace posed them and then told them to say
"monkey butt" instead of "cheese". 
Spiderman was everywhere because of the new 
movie and the Broadway play.
Posing Mommy and Nana. 
I love the perspective of a typical NYC street. 


cathybcareers said...

Wow! That looking up works great.
Some amazing pictures. The posing is so funny. Consider how long it takes with crowds of people waiting not to pass and get into Grace's shot. Ba listens and takes Grace's posing directions well. Can't wait until Grace and Mama come back and say "Hello New York" again.

Phyllis said...

Grace, you are a natural with a camera...almost as good as Mommy! It looks like you had a lot of fun with Nana and Ba. New York is a wonderful town to have fun in. I loved talking to you on Skype. Your walkie talkies are a fun thing to have. I can't wait until you can come to Florida. Too bad all the turtle nests will be empty by then. Maybe next time you can see them.