Wednesday, July 4, 2012


At lunch yesterday I asked Grace if she knew whose birthday we were going to celebrate on July 4th.  We then talked about how it is America's birthday.  The conversation went something like this:

It is America's birthday.
So, we are celebrating America.
Well, a long time ago another country called England owned America.  It made the rules for the people who lived here.  But they wanted to make their own rules so they had a big fight - a war - and they won.  We call it Independence Day.
What is "independence"?
It is when you can make decisions for yourself.  You can make your own rules.
Yeah, I want that!
Then Kyle jumped in....

Before you can have independence you need a job.  What kind of job can you do?
I clean the toilets.
(Me) You do?  When do you do that?
Oh, wait a minute.  I don't clean anything.
 Full manual mode.  It was dark but
experimenting with shutter speed and aperture
helped me take these two photos. 
This goes along perfectly with what she said the other night....Grace was playing outside on her bike and rode up to us.  With her magic wand she said, "Magic, magic make my parents disappear."  We asked her what she would do if we disappear.  Her answer?  Make my own rules. 


Kellie said...

Oh boy, oh boy! You are in BIG trouble! But who can resist that cute face!!!

cathybcareers said...

Grace is so funny! Hope it never changes. Ba really loves the stories and today her tiny voice singing Happy Birthday to him