Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is Eloise home?

How many little girls over the years have gone to the Plaza and asked that question?  I suppose it might have been more thrilling back in the day when the Plaza was still a hotel and you could enter the grand lobby and talk to the Concierge who would be able to show you her shoes.  Now, the Plaza is private residences (funny how that worked Eloise really COULD live in an apartment there!) and what is left is a perfectly pinkalicious store on the lower level.  Still cute...just not the same.
Since Eloise wasn't home, Grace went to the tea room to write her a note.  We put it in Eloise's mailbox and they said she would write back when she returns from vacation.
In Eloise's dressing room, Grace sat right down at the piano and started to play "Lizzy's Cat".  That was cool.  She also chose a baseball cap as a souvenir and wore it everywhere we went for the rest of the NYC trip!


Phyllis said...

Oh, Grace, I love your NY Hat! It must have been so much fun to visit Eloise's apartment. I can't wait to hear what she will write back to you.

cathybcareers said...

I am glad Grace is learning about Eloise and The Plaza.We might have to teach her Madeline next year. That would take us to Paris for a visit.