Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decorating her own tree

This afternoon we brought out our supply of ornaments and Grace got to decorate her own Christmas tree. It is a "Charlie Brown"-style tree that I bought a long time ago. I love it and it turned out to be a perfect place to display the collection of ornaments my parents have chosen for me each year along with Grace's rapidly growing collection from Nana and Ba and trips she has taken.
She loved looking at each one and telling me about it as she chose a special limb to hang it.This year's ornament for Grace was perfect....Snow White on a swing. When Grace opened it she said, "It's beautiful!"


cb said...

You and Mommy are so funny. I wonder how many poses it took to get that last shot. Take a picture of the Snow White ornament and post it too. I love it; in the twelve day box another surprise is coming for the tree Oops; actually two more. Don't tell him I told you!

aamayna said...

I love it! I remember doing that as a kid! Hope you guys are doing well!

Phyllis said...

Your tree is beautiful, Grace. Maybe I should wait to decorate mine until you get here, then you can help me!