Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The first

Today is the 1st of December.....
........the 1st snowfall of the winter....... AND
.............the 1st day of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Okay. That last one isn't really true. The Twelve Days of Christmas are Dec. 25th-January 5th. But, Nana and Ba sent 12 presents for Grace and me to open as we count down the days until we go to Florida to see them for the holidays. I am just glad that there are only 12 more "get-ups" before school is out for winter vacation. We are excited about flying to warmer weather just as we had our first snowy (and gray - it IS Ohio, after all) day of the winter.

So, here is what happened. Grace opened Gift #1 and inside were two Hershey's kisses. Not the regular ones and not the giant kind. Two perfect individual size kisses. I ate mine (I thought about saving it for Kyle, but it was chocolate, so that thought didn't last for more than a second or two) and Grace ate about half of hers. She set it down on the coffee table for a minute to use the bathroom. And, when she returned it was gone! No, I didn't eat hers, too. Heh! But Daisy did! That bad dog!

Grace was such a big girl (she used her words and didn't throw a fit!) about it that I took her out to the store to get a replacement candy. She chose this chocolate Santa. Not my favorite - thank goodness - or I would have eaten it too!

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cb said...

Grace, Nana remembers's been a long time since I had any. When you & Mommy come to Florida we can make Chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies and chocolate milk.