Friday, December 3, 2010

Have a princess holiday

Another one of Grace's 12 Days of Christmas presents was a box of adorable Disney princess cards (like the kind kids give their friends for Valentine's Day). We plan to use them to share with classmates, do crafts, make ornaments for the Christmas tree, and (maybe in a pinch) use some as gift cards for our presents. I think they were a great idea and a fantastic reason for Grace to practice writing her "G" for purpose!Oh, I need to explain what is going on with Grace's bangs. We got them cut and they usually look just fine in person. The stylist said she has a lot of bangs so we are trying to grow out a top layer. I guess the longer layer all fell forward in these pictures so that is why they look scruffy. They would be perfect if she would just leave a barrette in them, but she always pulls it out!


cb said...

Good present from Santa. Grace looks happy to find a present when she comes home from school.

Phyllis said...

Grace, you look like you cut your own hair, LOL. Please, let Mommy keep a barette in your hair. (You are still cute, though).

Kellie said...

Those princess things are right up our ally! They look like something good to put on people's presents!!!