Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whirlwind winter walk

We did whirlwind tour of the holiday festivities in small shopping district near us. The stores had many activities planned like cookie decorating, crafts, music and some offered free snacks to get everyone in the holiday spirit....and to get visitors into their establishments to shop! But, we went to the holiday walk for some of the outdoor activities! But, it was a COLD, SNOWY day so we made a plan and hit the major attractions quickly and then came home for a warm lunch and Sunday afternoon football.
We were first in line for the horse and carriage rides. This is "Ape" and he was probably the biggest horse I have ever seen. Grace loved him. No surprise there!
Then, we bumped into Christopher Popinkins. We have a mini "Chris Pop" at home. As the story goes, Chris is an elf sent by Santa to watch little children and report back to him about all the good little boys and girls. He moves to a new hiding place each night and when Grace finds him in the morning she says "Hello" but she doesn't touch him because that would make him lose his magic. From there, we hurried to the toy store to see the big guy himself. We were 4th in line, but while they were waiting to get Santa's chair, Grace walked up to talk to him and I snapped some pictures as she showed him a jet that she took off the shelf in the store. That is all she told him she wanted. If I had known that, I could have saved a lot of money!I used my point and shoot camera today, but I had it on the wrong setting. I forgot that it was set for the dark theater the last time we went to see the orchestra. So, that is why the photos are grainy. So disappointed.....


cb said...

Mommy is right! Ape is some BIG HORSE. Nana went to a Christmas Market today and Santa has red and green hair...funky Santa in Central Park..he should have been in Greenwich Village.

What was Santa whispering to you, Grace?

Phyllis said...

I think you like the jet plane because that takes you to FL to see Nana and Ba and Uncle Chris and Aunt Nancy, and Uncle Mickey, and, and, and ME!!! SMILE