Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow day

I am just like the kids....I love snow days. But, usually, when we have a snow day the roads clear up enough by the early afternoon so I can go out, run errands, and feel like I made good use of the time off from work. Not so today. The weather has been so bad that the sheriff in our county has asked that no one drive unless you absolutely have to. There have been wind chills below zero, lots of wind causing the snow to blow and form big drifts, and under all the snow is a slick layer of ice from the rain we had yesterday! So, we all stayed home, played with every toy in the house (including two bicycles!), took naps, and started to go stir crazy with cabin fever at about 5:00. We bundled up and went outside to shovel (Kyle), play (Grace), and take pictures (guess who!).

We started on the deck where Kyle cleared the snow
so Daisy can go out and look at the geese.
Where are Grace's eyes?Here they are!She needed a scarf (and some Vaseline) to cover her face.When we got out front, Grace "belly flopped" into the snow...Over.......and over!All that playing in the cold gives you a runny nose!The abominable snowgirl!We had to change scarves...the first one got so wet!Okay, it is time for hot chocolate...Let's go inside!


cb said...

Nana and Ba where laughing to see you with the funny hat and cold face. It looks like fun, if you are 3, it looks cold if you are us.
Hope they clear the airport first. See you guys soon; we hope.

Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl was cold just looking at you. I guess I loved the snow when I was a little girl, but, I DON'T LIKE it now, LOL. Too cold here in FL...34 degrees this morning. I hope the sun comes and warms us up so that Grace can play in the pool when she comes.